Apple Zero Day Sold To Government

Today on the show we get into three zero-day vulnerabilities that the government is using to get into iPhones. We talk about Chinese hackers in the US networks for five years targeting communications, energy, transportation, and water systems. China’s ICBC was hit with a ransomware attack but was saved by Novell Netware. Plus this week’s listener feedback and was your toothbrush part of a DDoS attack.

We Talk New of The Week

  • Critical Vulnerability Affecting Most Linux Distros
  • Microsoft bringing Linux sudo command to Windows Server 2025
  • Denmark orders schools to stop sending student data to Google
  • Clorox says cyberattack caused $49 million in expenses
  • Mastodon vulnerability allows attackers to take over accounts
  • Mozilla Monitor Plus Scrubs Your Leaked Personal Information
  • Apple just launched a new open-source programming language
  • JetBrains warns of new TeamCity auth bypass vulnerability
  • Apple iTunes Going Away For New Apps
  • Verizon insider data breach hits over 63,000 employees

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