Security Services

Security Assessment

Sometimes as a business you do not know what you need let us help by giving you a security assessment. Lipani Security is a security consulting company that is able to identify weak links in the security chain and report back to you with those issues.

Insecurity the old saying goes “The worst security issue is the one you don’t know about.”

Let us evaluate your situation and see what security issues you have then we can help you work through them. Let us run a basic comprehensive audit today to give you a starting point to put you on the right track with security.

Penetration Testing

No organization wants their name in the next big data breach headline. But the reality is most breached organizations thought they had great defenses. The cyber security market gets more crowded with new products and technological advancements every day. So how can trust that you are doing enough?

Know you’re really protected against real-world cyber threats with the help of a world-renowned penetration testing team. Get unprecedented visibility into your hidden vulnerabilities with pentesting services from Lipani Security.

Social Engineering Assessment

Social engineering involves manipulating and/or deceiving company employees and other human resources to gain unauthorized access to a network or to confidential information. Lipani Security is a security consulting company that is able to identify weak links in the security chain through the exploitation of human vulnerabilities. Lipani Security is widely recognized in the industry for its social engineering knowledge. Lipani Security leverages its unparalleled expertise in this field to expose what is often the weakest link in the information security apparatus: the human element. Once an individual or systemic weaknesses are identified, Lipani Security recommends procedures designed to ensure that employees do not divulge information that could compromise company assets. The social engineering assessment not only uses tactics intended to gain confidential information but also to induce unsuspecting employees to create vulnerabilities that can subsequently be exploited to gain access to confidential information.

Security Training

This is a high-quality, engaging, interactive training workshop. Lipani Security Security Awareness Training specializes in making sure employees and users understand the mechanisms of spam, phishing, spear-phishing, ransomware, and social engineering, and are able to apply this knowledge in their day-to-day job. This is usually a two-day on sight workshop which engages everyone making learning the material easier to remember and enjoy. Training Outline

Physical Security Testing

Added: Access to confidential information can often be obtained by simply gaining physical access to company premises. Lipani Security conducts on-site surveillance to assess physical security and uses social engineering, pass key duplication, and other techniques designed to gain physical entry into secure areas and the network system.

Wireless Assessment

Wireless networks, while highly convenient, present additional security threats since the wireless signals are not limited by the physical boundaries of a traditional network Lipani Security evaluates how to prevent wireless communications from being exposed to eavesdropping and access by unauthorized intruders. Additionally, Lipani Security examines the enterprise infrastructure for unencrypted or standard WEP-enabled access points that may be vulnerable in order to ensure the security of the network.

Web Application Assessment

This assessment examines what services are being offered on Web-based portals and e-commerce applications to examine potential vulnerabilities with respect to authentication, authorization, data integrity, data confidentiality, and consumer privacy concerns. Lipani Security can test these applications using either zero-knowledge testing or full-access testing to examine the full range of potential vulnerabilities. Lipani Security also conducts source code audits to identify any potential vulnerability among the applications and scripts that are accessible through the Web.

Mobile Assessment

In today’s business world everyone has a mobile phone for personal and business use in the technology world. The addition of bringing your own device into the office environment has added an extra layer of security onto business networks now more than ever. Adding policies, restrictions and device management is an important part of keeping networks safe. Lipani Security can assess your mobile infrastructure and help you make your network secure and manageable with iOS and Android devices business or personal.

Cloud Computing Assessment

Your business no matter what kind you are in has information stored in the cloud. There are many cloud services for the storage and hosting of information. Lipani Security can evaluate your data in the cloud for security and reliability. Lipani Security can evaluate your cloud data to make sure the information is backed up and only the proper users have access to the information. Lipani Security can review everything GSuite, Office 365, Dropbox, and many others. Making the decision to migrate to Google Apps is a huge step forward in improving communication and collaboration within your organization. As a true cloud-based solution that offers your business a scalable platform on which to grow, Google Apps provides your end-users with the same working experience from any device anywhere, making collaborating remotely simpler and enabling users to work the way they live. Office 365 combines the familiar Microsoft Office desktop suite with cloud-based versions of the latest collaboration and communication tools from Microsoft all delivered as a subscription service. This means you can make your employees more productive while managing costs. Because it is from Microsoft, the service is backed with the industry’s most rigorous, financially backed, 99.9 percent uptime service level agreement. And a flexible, per-user licensing model allows you to deploy services on your schedule and purchase only what you need.