Lipani Security LLC is a full-service information security company. Founded by Brandon Lipani, Lipani Security offers a comprehensive range of services and products to help everyone with all their security needs in the always-changing world of computing.

With years of training and experience, Lipani Security has served the security community for years. Whether we’re doing security research, developing products, providing training, writing books, or providing services we always strive for our best and put our best foot forward. We are so passionate about security that we have been certified in many aspects of this field for over 15 years.

Tools Section

Lipani Security LLC focuses is on security and privacy online. Lipani Security’s site contains a great deal of content which is continuously added to on a weekly basis. Everybody likes free software, especially when it’s useful, small, and of the highest quality. Our tools section assembles everything in one place, for easy navigation. All of the tools in the tools section on this site are given away for free to everyone at no cost. While these tools are free there is development time and hosting cost associated with them. If you can and want to make a donation it would be much appreciated. As it helps keep the free tools coming as often as I can. All donations are done securely.

Software Section

In our software section, you will find tools that we have created and are given away online for free. If these tools are something you are looking for please feel free to make a small donation. All donation transactions are done securely. If you have any questions please contact us.

Books Section

In the book section, you will find our security book which is updated regularly to reflect the ever-changing world of security. If you buy the book you will continue to receive updates to the book via email on a regular basis. I make sure the book never goes out of date by continuing to keep it updated.

Research Section

Everything in the research section is free to read. If you find anything useful please donate as all donations help since we give away so much time for free to help the security community.

In today’s world, the biggest thefts are done online Do Not Be A Victim let us help.