Software Inventory Tool

This tool was written as a helper to computer technicians, system admins, and enthusiasts who are working on a machine and need to know what is installed on it before they reinstall windows or replace a hard drive. The software provides you with the

  • Number of installed apps
  • Name of the software
  • Software version number
  • Software Publisher

Since the software is collecting data it must be Run As Administrator.

I code signed everything so it should have no issues if you would like to make a feature requests or have any issues email me at

If you have any issues please feel free to submit a ticket at

I sign all my files with my code sign cert so this exe should give you no issues.

This software is free if you like it and want to thank me

Operating System: Windows file download
Last Updated: March 4, 2022
Size: 17.8 MB
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If you feel more comfortable and secure you can get this app from the Microsoft Store.

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