Credit Card Online Fear

I have been out to dinner with so many people that say they

“I never put my credit card online”

Then in the next five minutes, they hand the waitress their credit card to pay the bill. This entire situation is miss guided by fear when the waitress takes your card how do you know she not taking it to the back to take a picture of or swipe for apps like Square or PayPal. The answer is you don’t know we have all been conditioned to think it’s ok behavior and safe behavior.

There was a news article a while back about this:

Oklahoma waitress has been arrested for skimming patrons’ credit cards at a Twin Peaks restaurant — and it happened during her first day back on the job after an extended hiatus. Rachael Tyler was arrested on June 7 for computer crimes, as well as several outstanding city warrants after a manager spotted her scanning customer’s credit cards with a skimmer at the lodge-style restaurant’s Oklahoma City location on 6500 SW 3rd St., Fox 25 reports.

The 34-year-old had previously worked at the sports bar within the last year, quit, and been re-hired last week, the manager told police, according to NewsOk. It remains unclear currently if she was skimming credit cards during her original period of employment.

The same applies to people who say “I won’t put my card online” then call up the infomercial 1 -800 number and give the person at the other end their credit card number. How do you know that person is not writing all these numbers they collect all day and going home at night and hitting every card for a bonus dollar or 99 cents times that by 100 cards 5 days a week that’s a very nice bonus?

Listen I know it sounds like I am being paranoid, but the sad part is I have seen it or heard of it happening. For additional information contact us.