Google Ecosystem And Privacy

I am not trying to scare anyone but I think that everyone needs to know when it comes to Google how their Ecosystem works. Let’s first talk about Google’s Nest. We have all seen the Google Nest in Home Depot. If you don’t know what a Google Nest is it’s an internet-connected thermostat connected to your Google account. So now Google has data on when and how you like the temperature of your home and what heating and cooling system you have.

Since Google Nest offers door locks now Google knows when you lock and unlock your doors if you have those locks installed. Since Google Nest offers key lending Google knows who you lent keys to and who you trust to enter your home.

Google offers as well Google Chromecast and Android TV devices. You guessed it these devices need to be connected to your Google account. So now Google knows what shows you watch and what services you use like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and any others you cast to the TV.

One of Google’s most popular services is Gmail. Gmail is by far one of the most popular email services in the world but like anything free, it comes with a cost of privacy. Google has always made it known that they read your email to target ads at you.

Encase you didn’t know YouTube is owned by Google since most people log in with Gmail and the accounts are connected to YouTube Google knows what kind of videos you are watching on YouTube and unless you have YouTube Premium they are going to target video ads on YouTube to you to get you to buy products. Google even ties music in now with YouTube Premium so they can make money on their subscription music service and see what kind of music you are listening to and when you are listening to that music.

YouTube has broken into the television market as of late with YouTubeTV. This is another way of Google collecting data knowing what TV and movies you watch and finding out your TV viewing habits. While YouTubeTV is a service you pay for they are still collecting your data since you need to again use your Gmail account to log in to use the service.

We all love Google Maps and Google places but every time you use your GPS to find a location in Google maps don’t think that information is not stored somewhere for later ad targeting by Google. Google has even admitted to using the speaker on your phone to listen to help improve their Google Assistant and AI programming but has never said they delete that information.

Google Drive or Google Photos is another issue to think about remembering everything you save in your Google drive is subject to Googles review so if you store all your photos and files on Google Drive it’s a good possibility you are building Google a repository of information to scan through at some time.

The Google picture data is rather concerning considering Google uses metadata from the picture and cell phone used to take the picture to determine where it was taken then uses facial recognition to find which Gmail users are in the picture.

Google Chrome is another great invention by Google, and I really mean that they have made the most secure browser with the best extension store. Google Chrome has even expanded its Chrome browser in recent years into a full-fledged operating system that can compete with Microsoft and Apple. Again, this very secure browser and operating system come at a cost as Google is collecting all internet traffic you are doing and using it to target ads at you since you must sign in to Chrome using you guessed it your Gmail account.

Part of the thing that’s concerning about all this information is Google uses this information to target Google Searches, News, Videos, and Ads. While the ads are for Google to make revenue on, and Google Searches are used to bring you the correct information to entice you to continue to use the service the issue becomes Google giving you the News, Searches, and Videos they think you would most likely enjoy keeping you on the platform longer.

While I do not see an issue with this Google has been known to co-operate will law enforcement on issues. While I have nothing to hide Google turns over these records and of who has done what in a certain area it does technically violate some of our privacy rights. Even though the law in enforcement not looking for me just because I was in that area at a certain time now, they have my files and access to certain data.