Background Checks Are A Must For All

Background checks are one of the most important things you can do when hiring someone, especially when hiring anyone who works with kids.

It drives me nuts when I see ads on craigslist for people needing a nanny or sitter ASAP. I just hope those parents do their best and get background checks from one of the companies like Enanny. I always recommend that you go and get a background check yourself. I tell everyone never to let someone bring you background check paperwork because this can be doctored up so easily.

Anyone who works with kids should have an FBI Federal Criminal History Check, Child Abuse Clearance check, and a drug test. I know that might be a little overkill and at times might make it hard to get volunteers for events but to me, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to kids. Most schools now require these three clearances since 2016.

These clearances are important not just for schools but for anyone working with kids Scout leaders, coaches, or anyone working with kids. Never assume that just because someone has kids of their own they are ok they should still have clearances. Remember most issues with kids come from people that you would not expect. Close friends and family members are most of the time the ones arrested for inappropriate behavior with children.

Anyone working with the elderly should get FBI Federal Criminal History Check and Abuse Clearance. While the elderly are adults some cannot report issues of neglect or abuse. If you are taking a loved one to a private nursing home be sure to ask to see the staff clearance policy. Make sure people like janitors, maintenance, and kitchen staff have clearances. Just because they do not work with the elderly directly does not mean they cannot be an issue.

I would like to say not everyone with a record is not an issue and sometimes people with a record can be trusted but sometimes in certain situations better to be safe then sorry in the long run when dealing with children and elderly.