CRM Customer Relationship Management System

We all need ways to handle and manage customer data in small businesses. We need to be able to manage a customer list, work orders, and much more,

Web-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems like salesforce and others cost money. I have created a free CRM for everyone to use.

I have currently released version 1.0 which is in its early stages. But with input from myself and users, I am sure I will and can add more features.

Don’t worry about your customer’s data is saved locally on your computer in a local database called store.db nothing phones home I see nothing but how many times the software has been downloaded off my website.

Here is a quick look at the software. At this time its Windows Only.

Main Screen

Customer Manager

Work Order System

I would like to point out this is only version one. I will have other features coming soon if you would like to ask about a feature or request one move to the top of the list please contact me.

Price: $.99